Nataly and The Tricky Old Teacher

Nataly and her tricky old teacher are back with another after school special. Things can get a bit too wild in the teacher’s lounge after classes especially when Nataly is around. The nasty has her own way of dealing with her lower grades. She’s a master of turning C’s to A’s in the shorter amount of time. Being 18yo and heading to college soon she had to make sure that her grades as up. She’s not that much into studying so she found a great way of doing that without even opening a book. By the preview below you got her approach of the problem. Yes, you got it right, she fucks with teachers for bigger grades.

Just like the teens from that get their wet pussies fucked to get all kind of things, Nataly does the same thing. This is the thing with these teens, you can never say no to them. Once you see them in your office with them short skirts you can’t really focus on anything else. Nataly had a really easy job this time because everyone around the school knows how their math teacher gives his grades. After everyone left she paid him a visit in his office to fix her grade from their latest test. The tricky teacher didn’t mind at all slamming the teen for a grade. That’s what he does for a living, behind closed door, of course!


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Veronika and The Old Teacher

The tricky old teacher is back in action and as you know you can always find some fine teens to fool around with. Veronika is one of those teens and she doesn’t mind at all getting her wet pussy pounded for a better grade. School wasn’t her priority so if she found an easier way to get bigger grades she was going to try it out. Veronika, like many other teens from 18closeup loves to get her wet pussy fucked and enjoys every minute of it. Like we said earlier if this is what it takes to get bigger grades she’s there.

This couldn’t worked out better for the tricky teacher because this time he didn’t have to lift a finger to get her. She was the one that looked for him after classes in his office and also the one that came up with the idea. So to sum it up it was a damn good day for him. Seeing the sexy teen in front of him, with her long legs crossed and that short skirt so up that you could see her panties made the teacher more and more eager to get his hands on her. Everything has a price and so did the teen, she needed a couple of good grades to pass and the tricky teacher was more that happy to help her out with her little problem. Veronika really knows her way around her teachers!


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Tricky Old Teacher – Hard working student

This tricky old teacher knows how to get into his girl student’s panties. When you work in the business as long as he does you start to see girls getting desperate enough about their grades, that they are willing to do just about anything to get those A’s. And yes that means allowing you to pound their sweet teen pussies. So for a nice start let’s see our tricky teacher give this slutty student of his a deep and rough pussy pounding.

Another hot babe desperately wanted a bigger grade and out old teacher found a way to help her out. She didn’t knew that her teacher was interested in her and was surprised to see him hitting on her. But she needed that A so she did what he had to do to get it. She undressed, spread her legs wide open and got his cock shoved in her holes one by one. So don’t miss out and stay tuned for more updates. Enjoy it! Also you might visit the site if you wanna see other slutty teens riding cocks!


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Tricky Old Teacher – Augustina

For this update we have the super sexy blonde Augustina taking a thorough dicking by the Tricky Old Teacher in today’s gallery. She’s been naughty and was made to serve detention today. But the teacher knows a method to let her off early. So watch that teen wet pussy of hers get penetrated balls deep doggie style in this update.

She’s been a mean gal and needed to get punished. After Augustina slipped some classes to met her boyfriend she ended up in detention with out horny teacher. The trickyoldteacher knew that she was eager to get out of detention that’s way he made an offer she couldn’t refuse. Before you know it they closed the door and Augustina started taking off her clothes remaining completely naked. Then she got his big cock stuffed in her holes, especially in her wet pussy stretching it to the limits, over and over again. Enjoy! Check out the dark cavern site if you wanna see other stunning chicks getting fucked by big black cocks!


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Kristina working for a better grade

Hey guys, we’re back and we bring you another sweet Tricky Old Teacher update for you today. In this one the lovely teen college student Kristina has the same problem as most ladies that pass through the teacher’s office. She’s in need of better grades. So watch her put her pussy on the line for some hard core pounding for an A.

These gals really want good grades and they will do anything to get them. For example this hottie wanted a bigger grade at her test. She’s heard about her teacher’s method but at first she thought everyone was joking and they weren’t serious. but surprise! Once she entered his office and saw him checking her out she knew all of them were right. So she did what it had to be done and after a rough pounding and rough pussy stuffing she ended up with a big A on her paper work. If you’re looking for more, enter the site and see some nympho ladies riding big black cocks!


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TrickyOldTeacher – Stella

In this TrickyOldTeacher update the skinny teen Stella gets to work hard on the teacher’s cock for some easy grades. Stella is a petite brunette with a slender frame , but she has a huge hunger for cock. So she though what better way to get better grades than fuck the teacher. So  watch her get a thorough pussy pounding today.

Stella knows how things are working at her school and took advantage of this tricky old teacher that was checking her out class after class. She knew that she would get bigger grades the entire semester if she sucked his cock. She knew that he wasn’t going to tell anyone and loose his job so it was perfect. She went to his office and didn’t took her that long to get undressed and to get covered with nasty jizz all over her cute face and hot body.

Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Hardworking Mary

The Tricky Old Teacher knows how he likes his pussy tight and preferably packed with a beautiful teen. And today he got both again as he had in his office the pretty teen Mary who has some troubles with her grades. So he decided to be kind and let her pass his class with one condition, if she’d agree to ride his cock. And you bet Mary accepted without any hesitation.

Mary didn’t want to upset her parents with her low grades so she tried to fix her little problem. Of course she didn’t choose the harder way and she ended up completely naked in her teacher’s office. After she finished sucking his hard tool she shoved it deep in her juicy pussy and started riding it like crazy. The old teacher loved the way her tits were bouncing up and down while riding his hard tool. Enjoy it!


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Tricky Old Teacher – Sara

It’s another fresh week and our Tricky Old Teacher is up to his old tricks again. This time he had in his office the beautiful teen Sara to help him with some paper work. But Sara and him know that it’s just a cover for their weekly meeting where the teacher gets to plunge his cock deep into her tight pussy and enjoy her nice blowjobs.

Sara is this smoking hot babe that loves helping other out. Like I said earlier she wanted to help her teacher out with all the paper work he has. but ended up helping with other things as well. She got his hard tool stuffed in her filthy mouth and just couldn’t stop sucking it until she got creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face and big tits. Of course this kind of extracurricular activities helped her grades as well.



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Olga getting nailed

For this Tricky Old Teacher update we have yet another hot teen getting her pussy nailed by a big cock. Her name is Olga and she’s a transfer student. So the teacher went out of his way to get some alone time with her to show her some good times. So watch beautiful Olga as she gets her tight and wet pussy fucked by the teacher’s cock.

Our hard working student Olga needed a bigger grade so she went to her teacher’s office to try to convince him to give her another test. But after she saw the way he was watching her she thought of an easier way to get a bigger grade. She went next to him and started touching him. From there it wasn’t a long way to get on her knees and to start sucking his cock. Olga then shoved it in her juicy pussy and before you know it they were fucking all over the place. Enjoy it!


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TrickyOldTeacher – Shelly

In this TrickyOldTeacher scene we have a new beautiful babe taking a hard pussy pounding. This teen told the teacher that she likes to do diving and she likes the feeling when she goes deep. Well let’s just say the teacher got to be the one going deep, and yes we mean balls deep in her tight teen pussy. And how could he resist as Shelly is one hot lady.

This smoking hot teen was curious to try out an older guy and her tricky old teacher seemed the easiest one to get. She always had a thing for him so he was perfect for the job. She made an appointment at his office and went thru with her plan. The hot teen waited for his secretary to leave and then she went there wearing only her lingerie. Of course he just couldn’t refuse her and ended up fucking and sucking all over the place and stretching her wet pussy. Check out and stay tuned for more!


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