Marina’s hardcore scene

In today’s Tricky Old Teacher  update we have Marina and a friend of hers getting some private lessons at their place. Bout you know that these two teen ladies don’t really feel in the mood to study, so the teacher gets lucky , and has a chance to fuck those tight wet pussies. So enjoy the beautiful short haired Marina take a deep fucking.

Marina always gets her way and when she said that she would get an A she actually did. She took one of her class mates to her teacher’s office and after explaining to him what was her problem she ended up doing what she’s knows best. The trickyoldteacher got both the gals completely naked and started stuffing their holes one by one getting them all sprayed with nasty jizz. So don’t miss it out and stay tuned for more updates. Enjoy it!


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Blowing My Tricky Old Teacher

Hello, people and welcome back! As always, we have for you some fresh tricky old teacher content since there are a lots of horny teens out there, ready to fuck their teacher for a good grade. These babes are smoking hot and they are capable of achieving anything using their beauty. Like this little slut who needed a good grade, so she sucked her old teacher’s cock for that. The man could not say no to her, but who an blame him? I mean, just take a look at her and tell me that you could say no to that hot babe. If you actually think that, you are totally lying to yourself, believe me.


Anyway, long story to short, this is a  classical one, the babe won’t study and she is gonna have only good grades. She has her own way for that. Her parents think that she is a very smart and good girl, but in reality, she is just another slut who sucks her teachers for good grades. She will suck this teacher, as well, as she is not really into math. Watch her hitting on him and accepting his invitation at his place for some after classes. That tricky old man took advantage of the fact that she is a little promiscuous and shoved his cock into her mouth tonight. That babe will have a A tomorrow, that is for sure. Just watch him having that cock balls deep into her mouth, then flipping her around for some doggy fucking. She enjoys that position, for sure. Watch and drool, you little perverts and be here next time for more!

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She Likes Fucking

Another week has passed and we are back with this smoking hot scene starring this sweet teen who loves fucking and her tricky old teacher just found out her little secret. That why he hit on her and the two ended fucking hard on his place.Lucky for you, we caught the two on our cameras. Just enjoy the sweet babe riding that fat cock after classes and also licking his balls for the great ending. This is a special scene as that  babe is here for the first time, so you gotta see her debut. Tell me of she is having some potential for being a porn star.

In my opinion, that sweet teen could be a porn star. She sure has the moves and will make that trickyoldteacher hard as a rock using her slutty hands and those talented lips. She will get him in the mood by going down and taking that cock deep into her mouth, sucking and slurping until it gets hard and wet, as she prefers. The teen will hop on top next, riding him like a real porn star. Watch her going up and down, faster and harder while moaning in pleasure. She will bend and will take his cock deep into her ass, as well. As I said, that babe is not an angel anymore and will lose her innocence. Hit the link bellow and enjoy that horny little slut fucking her teacher and taking all the cum for the great ending. Have fun. you little perverts!


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Tricky Old Teacher Fuck

Hello, you all and welcome back! Here we are again with some fresh content and tonight we will show you exactly how a tricky old teacher convince his way much younger student to have sex with him. That horny man is having a really hard time with his students since the girls are coming to school wearing these provocative outfits. Since he thinks only about them all the time and about those perky curves, imagining how they would moan is he shoves his fat cock into their tight holes, the old teacher decided to hit on one of them. It seems like he found the slutty one.


So that gorgeous babe said yes to his indecent proposal and she ended up drilled by her teacher all over his office’s floor. That babe always admitted that she is into mature men and her teacher was on the right time at the right place. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch that young babe sucking on his cock, getting it all hard, then laying down and receiving a nice side-fuck from behind for your viewing delight. Her hairless cunt was exposed in all it’s glory while it was stretched by that teacher’s fat cock. She will moan loudly as her tight pussy will be banged by a way thicker cock than it used to. Watch then fucking around in all kind of hot positions, only for your viewing delight and ending with some creamy jizz sprayed out her pretty face, dribble of cum running down her chin for the great finale. Enjoy!

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Horny Math Teacher

Hello, people and welcome back! We have a special update for you as this trickyoldteacher found himself some young pussy for sucking on our cameras. You just got front row seats to our show , so get ready for that as this tricky old teacher and his younger student will fuck each other like there’s no tomorrow. Grab a seat and enjoy that babe trying to fix her bad grades at math. She will spread her sexy legs wide open to receive her teacher’s hard cock into her wet tight pussy. That horny man will go balls deep inside for your viewing delight. Watch and drool!

So the innocent looking babe has some problems understanding math. Her teacher heard her saying to her friends that she would do anything for a good grade. That man took advantage of her situation and asked her to stay a little longer after their class. The babe was approached with this indecent proposal and she was pretty surprised, in the beginning, but you will see her pretty eager to find out more. The teacher invites her at his place and the brunette ends up fucked on his couch. Watch her spreading her sexy legs wide open and also taking his cock balls deep inside. She would also suck on his cock, proving that she is good at one thing, at least, even if she does now know math. Just cum inside and see how the two ended their fucking session.. See you all there with the entire scene!


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Lustful Teacher

Hello, you all and welcome back! It is time for some fresh content and this tricky old teacher found himself two teens for taking care of his cock. That horny man convinced the two that a little double blowing won’t hurt anyone and they won’t have to worry about their grades from now on. Since they don’t like to study that much, the brunette accepted his indecent proposal and lost their innocent on cameras. Sit back there and enjoy the kinky threesome.

Anyway, the best part is that the babes truly a wonderful time with their tricky teacher. That horny man got them down their knees, sucking on his fat cock, double blowing that tool. Watch the brunette over there sucking on the cock while her friend is massaging his balls. These are not that innocent anymore, that is for sure. So let’s make ourselves comfortable and let’s watch the three having some quality time together. That tricky teacher will have his cock sucked by his students. Then the teens will take turn on riding it. Those tight pretty pussies will be stretched by his giant cock. The two will amaze us with their skills. Watch them riding the cock while the other one is having her pretty pussy licked by her tricky old teacher. I told this is a smoking hot scene. Just get ready for a nice boner on these three. Enjoy the end, as well. I guarantee it will give you wet dreams!


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Konnie’s Tricky Old Teacher

Hi there, you little perverts and welcome back. Tonight we brought you a smoking hot scene starring naughty Konnie and her tricky old teacher. That brunette found herself on the situation of not being able to say no to that horny man. He hit on her and the brunette said yes only because she was so horny all day long, having these dirty little thoughts all day long. Watch the kinky brunette sucking on his fat cock like it was her last day on Earth, then hoping on top for some pussy pounding.

The brunette use to be a very good girl, but since she found the taste of cock, she became a nympho, She thinks about fucking all day long and her teacher saw that. So that tricky old man hit on her and the babe couldn’t say no. Watch her ending by going to his place and sucking his cock while massaging her wet clit. The teen knows a little something about sucking and fucking and she could have a nice porn career as she have them all. Anyway, that babe gagged her throat a little on her teacher’s cock before spreading her sexy legs wide open and having that tight cunt stretched. She will be fucked in all kind of hot positions before going down her knees for her last blowing. Watch her taking all his cu on that talented tongue for your viewing delight. And hungry Konnie will swallow to the last droop. Watch and drool, you all!


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Old Geography Teacher

Hello, there! Another sweet innocent looking blonde lost her innocence on our cameras. That teen got fucked by her tricky old teacher as she didn’t want to study, so she convinced him that she is good in some other things. Watch her riding his cock right in the classroom and getting that good grade she needed so much. I guarantee this one is that innocent how she looks and will  handle that old hard cock like a little experienced cock. You gotta this one!


The two were during their extra class. That trickyoldteacher decided to have some extra class with his blonde student since she is nit that good at geography and needed a good grade to pass that subject. But the blonde has some  other way to pass her classes, and that would be by taking advantage of the fact that she just turned 18 and now she can have sex as much as she wants. Watch her hitting on him and getting him all hard. The naughty teen will bend in front of him intentionally, having her cunt exposed as she took off the panties. She would drop in her knees and will suck on his cock, then she’ll hop in top and will ride that fat cock like a real slut. She sure has some moves and you gotta see her in action. Have fun, ya’ll till next time and we will be back with some fresh content. I will leave you now in her company. Cum inside and watch how far she too everything.

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Tricky Old Teacher Filthy Ogy

Hi there! Another tricky old teacher fucked one of his students and we caught those on our cameras. That sweet innocent looking babe spread her sexy legs wide open for a mature man tonight and you will see that she is not an angel anymore, even if she kind of looks like one. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch the two fucking like it is their last day on Earth. The blonde will prove that she is not that innocent anymore. Watch and drool, you little perverts!

So there she is, with the legs spread wide open on her teacher couch, moaning in pleasure. How this innocent babe end up fucked hard by that tricky teacher? Well, that is easy. She is not that innocent and since she turned 18 she decided to try any cock that crosses her path. She just discovered sex and she loves it. That why she hit on her teacher and that hungry man could not say no to a beauty like her. Having some sexy outfit at school, that babe hit on that man and came with this indecent proposal. She needed a good grade and didn’t want to study. So that is her way of taking good grades. Her parents think that she is a good and smart girl, but in reality she fucks her teachers for good grades. Well, that is another way to succeed, right? She will fuck her way thru and no one could ever do something about that. Just make yourself comfortable and enjoy the sweet blonde receiving this hardcore fuck from her teacher. Have fun!


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Drilled by her teacher

Another week has passed and here we re with a fresh scene starring another tricky old teacher who loves having a little taste of his younger students. That horny stud convinced that sweet blonde that having sex wouldn’t be something really that bad, so she accepted his offer to try that at his place. The blonde was a little shy in the first place, but she came to her senses once she realized that a hard piece of meat is exactly the thing she needed. Let’s grab a seat and let’s enjoy the two fucking all over our cameras.

That babes looks smoking hot and she always wearing these provocative outfits at the school, making any teacher going nuts only by seeing her perky curves. Today she was wearing this mini skirt and you could see her panties when she was bending, that’s why she ended fucked by her teacher. She known about herself and she also loves teasing, so she will intentionally bend in front of this trickyoldteacher. He got the message and when the classes were over, he convinced her to go to his place as he has something for her. The babe was pretty surprised, but she accepted. You can guess how the two ended their little date. One thing is sure: the blonde proved her deepthroat skills and we caught her all over our cameras. Watch and drool and be here for more next week. Have fun till then!


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